In this step program documents are created, communication strategies are worked out, and resources are put into place to help administer the facilitation of the program.

Scope of Work and Application for Hiring the Expert Code Official

Your state should develop a clear scope of work prior to hiring the Expert Code Official. Once the scope of work is finalized, an application can be developed for the position. Items to consider for the scope of work include whether the Expert Code Official will be a full time or a part time staff member, the type of trainings the Expert Code Official will provide such as in-person trainings, webinar, or technical assistance over the phone and the travel requirements for the position. See an example job description from Iowa.


Clear and concise communications materials will be essential to program success. The State Energy Office will need to advertise the availability of the program. Materials to develop include a program description, a website, and outreach materials. The communications process will be ongoing as trainings will continuously need to be advertised to ensure participation and reach audiences who do not yet know about the available resources.

Integration with State Systems

Each state has its own protocols, procedures, and IT systems, as well as its own requirements for program review. Examples from other states are unlikely to be valuable, so this task is included without links simply as a reminder to fully integrate with your existing systems.