Request for Proposals for Energy Facilities Manager Professional Services

A successful RFP to provide professional services for a SEFM program may ask for:

  • Expertise developing energy management plans
  • Conducting energy audits and assessments
  • Facilitating the implementation of energy conservation measures
  • Providing regular metrics and reports to relevant agencies

See an example RFP issued by the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources for shared comprehensive management services for multiple participating communities.

See an example winning bid application for shared energy management services for 5-10 local governments participating in Pennsylvania’s climate action cohort.

Request for Proposals for Interested Communities

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Communications Materials: program description, materials advertising the program, program website

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Integration with State Systems

Each state has its own procurement and fiscal management protocols, procedures, and IT systems, as well as requirements for legal review of program design. Examples from other states are unlikely to be valuable, so this task is included without links simply as a reminder to fully integrate with your existing systems.