In this step program documents are created, communication strategies are worked out, and resources are put into place to help administer the facilitation of the program. While each state is unique, example documents from Connecticut and Minnesota can serve as starting points for creating your program’s documents.

Request for Proposals for Third-Party Program Implementation

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) decided to hire a third-party program implementer to administer the Residential Energy Preparation Services. See the following materials from the meeting DEEP convened to announce the RFP and answer questions:

In June 2022, DEEP announced its selection for program implementer. See the press release .


Connecticut Residential Energy Preparation ServicesMinnesota Healthy AIR Program
DEEP’s program landing page includes documents and resources related to the development of the program through the stakeholder process facilitated by DEEP.The Healthy AIR program is administered as an offering under the Weatherization Assistance Program as implemented by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Information on the program page . See program guidelines.

Integration with State Systems

Each state has its own procurement and fiscal management protocols, procedures, and IT systems, as well as requirements for legal review of program design. Examples from other states are unlikely to be valuable, so this task is included without links simply as a reminder to fully integrate with your existing systems.